cheeky CHEEKY Limited Edition TROUT UNLIMITED Launch 350 Reel Bundle
cheeky CHEEKY Limited Edition TROUT UNLIMITED Launch 350 Reel Bundle

CHEEKY Limited Edition TROUT UNLIMITED Launch 350 Reel Bundle

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CHEEKY LIMITED EDITION TROUT UNLIMITED LAUNCH 350 REEL BUNDLE - Cheeky Fishing has partnered with Trout Unlimited to bring you a limited edition reel that not only looks amazing, but also contributes to a worthy cause near and dear to all anglers. 10% of your purchase goes to Trout Unlimited's Lower Snake River Enhancement project. With the worst salmon and steelhead return in over two centuries, your purchase will help be part of the solution.

This Limited Edition Cheeky Launch 350 reel in sleek black with the TU logo features all the high-level performance you’ve come to expect from Cheeky’s Launch Series line of lightweight, performance fly reels. The Launch will redefine your fly fishing experience. No other fly reel on the market boasts its incredible combination of arbor size, line capacity and light weight. Top it off with Cheeky's award-winning Rev Carbon Drag System and you get unparalleled performance with a price tag that won’t break the bank. Line capacity is WF5F plus 180-YDS of 20lb backing.

Weighing just 4.9 oz, the 3.5” diameter, the Launch 350 fly reel is light enough to cast all day while still delivering the retrieval rate and stopping power you need for any freshwater lunker that dares put it to the test, making it ideal for river, pond and lake applications.

Rounding out this outstanding package is a 3-pack of Cheeky's tapered 4x leaders, a Snake River Topo Key Fob, custom TU pattern reel case, and a FREE 1-year membership to Trout Unlimited.

Limited Edition Trout Unlimited Launch 350 Reel Package Includes:

• Limited Edition Launch 350 Fly Reel (MSRP $259)

• Custom Trout Unlimited Reel Case (MSRP $16)

• 1 Year Trout Unlimited Membership (MSRP $35)

• 3-pack of 4x Leader (MSRP $10)

• Snake River Key Fob from Wingo/Kind Design (MSRP $8)

All for the $259 price of the Launch 350 (MSRP Total $328)

• 10% goes to the TU Lower Snake River Project

Launch 350 Fly Reel Features:

• Targeted Species: Trout, Bass, Small Salmon

• Rev Carbon Drag System

• MAX Arbor (3.50” diameter)

• Retrieve up to 11” of line per revolution

• Lightweight design (4.9 oz)

• Integrated, torque-dispersing reel foot

• Silent Retrieve

• Fully machined high-grade aluminum

• B2 Backing Channel for extra line capacity

• Quick change spool and simple L/R retrieve conversion

• Reel case included


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