Davy Wotton Signature Wet Fly & Nymph Fly Rod
Davy Wotton Signature Wet Fly & Nymph Fly Rod

Davy Wotton Signature Wet Fly & Nymph Fly Rod

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DAVY WOTTON’S SIGNATURE WET FLY & NYMPH FLY ROD – 10’ 4-WEIGHT - The newest Signature Series Fly Rod from Snowbee sees a collaboration with world-class angler, Davy Wotton. Developing a “rod that suits the demands needed for wet fly and nymph fishing” has been a project in the making for the former competitive fly angler.

The Davy Wotton Signature Series Wet Fly & Nymph Rod is offered as a 10ft 4wt which affords many more advantages over a standard 9ft rod. It enables far better line control for drift, with less fly line to be on the water surface, while simultaneously providing easier ways to mend and control line drift to eliminate drag. Able to facilitate the use of longer leaders for a more European style of nymph fishing, this 10ft rod offers more versatility than any shorter nymph rod. “Personally approved” by Davy for the purpose of wet fly and nymph fishing.


• 10’0” 4WT, 4–Piece, Rod Weight 3.8oz.

• Mid-Fast “Tri-modulus Carbon” Design and Technology Blanks

• Large SIC Lined Stripping Guides, High-Lift Snake Guides for a Smoother Presentation

• Wine Thread Wraps That Blend as Accent

• Finished in Lustrous Olive-Green with Davy Wotton’s Signature in Gold

• High-Quality Full Wells Cork Grip

• Burl Wood Insert Reel Seats

• Lightweight, Up-Locking, Anodized Diamond Design Engraved Reel Seat

• Comes with Matching Cotton-Drill Rod Bag and a Strong Cordura Covered Rod Tube Embossed with Davy Wotton Signature

• Snowbee Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee


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