Echo ECHO Trout X Series Fly Rods
Echo ECHO Trout X Series Fly Rods

ECHO Trout X Series Fly Rods

Item #: EC130

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$399.99 $ 399.99
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376-4 (7ft 6in 3wt 4pc) $399.99
484-4 (8ft 4in 4wt 4pc) $399.99
490-4 (9ft 4wt 4pc) $399.99
590-4 (9ft 5wt 4pc) $399.99
690-4 (9ft 6wt 4pc) $399.99


ECHO TROUT X SERIES FLY RODS – This is one SWEET CASTING all-around trout rod featuring Echo’s new Variable Sweet Spot (VSS) technology! Trout X is designed to load and cast to the widest range of distances of any rod Echo has ever designed! A do-it-all med-fast action for feel and accuracy at all ranges whether drifting a size-22 trico or flipping a double nymph indicator rig. Lifetime warranty.


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