scientific anglers SONAR Sink Tip Fly Lines
scientific anglers SONAR Sink Tip Fly Lines

SONAR Sink Tip Fly Lines

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CLOSEOUT 40% OFF! SONAR "SINK TIP" Fly Lines are offered in a variety of sink rates to help you match any fishing situation. These lines are ideal for streamer and wet fly fishing to trout, steelhead, salmon and bass. Longer tapers provide easy turnover and better presentation. Designed for moderate to cold conditions. SPECIFY SINK RATE: (SINK-3, 2.5-4.25ips, Sand/Dk-Green Tip), (SINK-4, 3.75-5.25ips, Sand/Grey Tip), (SINK-5, 5.5-6.5ips, Sand/Dk-Grey Tip). SIZES: WF5F/S thru WF9F/S

SONAR 'SINK TIP' LINES feature SA-ID line identification on the first 1-2 feet of the tip section of your line, new ST+ slickness additive, Streamlined Welded Loops on both ends.

You really should own a Sinking Line or Sink Tip line. These lines have a sinking-tip section that varies in length relative to the line weight. HOW I FISH SINKING LINE: You can clean out a pool (please don't) "SKIPPING" the size-12 F-C Crackleback on a 4-ft, 4x tippet right off the end of the loop in the line. Let the fly sink, then begin skipping it as you would a streamer, with your rod tip held right at water level. I prefer using "moving" fly patterns with sinking lines (F-C Cracklebacks, F-C Rabbit Leeches, Streamers etc). It's a deadly method. When fishing larger streamers that can 'twist' the line, use one of our short, FURLED 'POWER STREAMER' FLUOROCARBON LEADERS (item GC021) with built-in NO TWIST swivel. Run 2-3 feet of 4X tippet off the loop in the end of it.


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