scientific anglers 40% OFF! MASTERY "ART" Floating Fly Line
scientific anglers 40% OFF! MASTERY

40% OFF! MASTERY "ART" Floating Fly Line

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SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS MASTERY “ART” FLOATING FLY LINE with WELDED LOOPS ON BOTH ENDS. The ART means All-Round Taper, and this line goes like a scalded cat! One half line size heavy to load med-fast to fast action rods. Powerful taper turns over long dry fly leaders, delivers nymphs and small streamers with ease. AST slick technology throughout, floating texture on the tip for high floatation, and again, this line really flies through the guides. Braided mono core stays supple in moderate to cold conditions. SA Line Identification built in. Also a great line for single hand spey. Super stealthy Bamboo color running line with Dk-Olive head and Camo tip. SIZES: WF2F thru WF8F. REG $79.95 NOW $55.96


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