rio 40% OFF! RIO Flats Pro Stealth Tip Fly Line
rio 40% OFF! RIO Flats Pro Stealth Tip Fly Line

40% OFF! RIO Flats Pro Stealth Tip Fly Line

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RIO “FLATS PRO STEALTH TIP” FLY LINE with WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED on both ends, and featuring Rio’s all new DIRECT-CORE technology. Same design and features as the full floating Flats Pro, but with a 6-foot clear intermediate sinking tip. The DO-EVERYTHING-BETTER LINE that actually does; the bones that sneak inside normal casting range, the last ditch long shot at a permit leaving the flat, big crabs and tarpon toads into 30-knot headwinds, you name it. New DirectCore provides the stiffness you need to fire into the wind, with significantly reduced memory. Lines lie straighter on the water for a more direct connection to fly and fish, providing powerful strip sets. DirectCore is 25% stronger than other mono cores of equal size, and stretches 30% less. The FLATS PRO is built with a front taper that loads easily in close, and the mid-length head and extended back taper provide stability for fast, accurate, long distance casts as well (aided by Rio’s AgentX and Extreme slickness technologies). These lines also come standard with Rio’s SurerFire triple-color distance marking technology to help take the guesswork out of putting the fly exactly where you want it. Rio’s Easy ID system means you’ll never forget what line weight it is. Sand running line with Orange/Aqua-Blue head and Clear tip. SIZES: WF6F/I thru WF12F/I. REG $119.99 NOW $71.99

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