rio RIO ELITE Indicator Floating Fly Line
rio RIO ELITE Indicator Floating Fly Line

RIO ELITE Indicator Floating Fly Line

Item #: FG402

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WF5F $119.99
WF6F $119.99
WF7F $119.99
WF8F $119.99


Designed To Turnover A Wide Range Of Indicators And Fly Sizes For Long Casts, Efficient Mends, And Big Dead Drifts.

RIO ELITE INDICATOR FLOATING Fly Lines with SLICKCAST & WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED on both ends. Designed for long casts and big dead drifts with indicator nymph rigs. Wading anglers and anglers fishing from an anchored boat can maximize their drift with this line by casting far upstream, mending as their rig drifts even with their position, then stack mending with ease as it travels far downstream. The long head allows for more efficient mending at a distance while also helping stack mending techniques downstream, creating a seamless and longer natural drift. Low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for the best in casting control, performance and smoothness. EasyID on front taper for fast line recognition. Grey running line with red head and white tip. WF5F thru WF8F.


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