rio Rio Premier Fathom Sinking Fly Lines
rio Rio Premier Fathom Sinking Fly Lines

Rio Premier Fathom Sinking Fly Lines

Item #: FG421

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RIO PREMIER FATHOM SINKING FLY LINES with SLICKCAST and WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED on both ends. Designed specifically for the lake angler. A short, quick-loading head for minimizing false casts, and for quick, easy distance. Color contrast between the head and the running line shows the loading point. Built with a Hang Marker tells when to stop stripping, and when to fish the “hang”, and also features RIO’s “Density Compensation” (except type 7). FOUR SINK RATES AVAILABLE: TYPE-3(3ips) WF5S-WF8S, TYPE-5(5ips) WF5S-WF8S, TYPE-6(6ips) WF5S-WF8S, TYPE-7 (7ips) WF5S-WF8S.

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