rio RIO Elite Tropical Outbound Short Fly Lines
rio RIO Elite Tropical Outbound Short Fly Lines

RIO Elite Tropical Outbound Short Fly Lines

Item #: FG422

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RIO ELITE "TROPICAL" OUTBOUND SHORT Floating Fly Lines - Ivory running line with Dk-Olive head. WF8F thru WF12F.

RIO ELITE OUTBOUND SHORT "TROPICAL" FLY LINES with SLICKCAST are built with all of the design advantages of the coldwater version, but with a hard tropical coating that ensures the line does not wilt in the heat. Recommended for use in 75-degree and warmer temperatures. Length is 100-ft. ALL OUTBOUND SHORT LINES HAVE WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED ON BOTH ENDS.

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INTRODUCING: RIO SLICKCAST – The slickest, most durable coating on the market – producing the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line.


What’s most tangible about RIO’s SlickCast is just how slick they are. You’ll feel the slickness before you even spool it up. Whether it’s the extra distance that comes with ease, or the extended drag free drifts, SlickCast lines slip effortlessly through your fly rod guides. And, as essential slickening agents constantly migrate to the exterior surface, you can trust your SlickCast line to be as slick next season as the day you bought it.


SlickCast’s proprietary formulation is off the charts when tested for abrasion and cracking resistance – producing the toughest, most durable fly line coating in the world. SlickCast lines will outlast every other fly line that you’ve ever fished.


All proven with lab testing, lowest friction available on any fly line, period. 33% more fishing time before cracking than the next best technology on the market. 140% tougher coating than the next best technology on the market.

RIO’s ELITE SERIES FLY LINES featured TECHNOLOGIES: SLICKCAST for world leading castability, and durability. MAXFLOAT TIP creates a line tip that floats twice as high as regular lines. CONNECT CORE PLUS low stretch core offers incredible levels of sensitivity when casting and fishing, plus enhanced detection of strikes, faster hook sets, and far greater control when playing a fish. SUREFIRE triple color marking system to help gauge casting distance. EASYID line info printed on the line.


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