cortland CORTLAND Streamer Floating Fly Line
cortland CORTLAND Streamer Floating Fly Line

CORTLAND Streamer Floating Fly Line

Item #: FJ008

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CORTLAND STREAMER SERIES FLOATING FLY LINES - Cortland’s Streamer line is built with an aggressive short taper design to deliver large flies with ease. The over-weighted floating head loads rods quick and the two color profile is perfect for identifying taper points. WF5F thru WF8F.

- Short Aggressive Taper

- Easily Casts Large Flies

- High Floating

WATER: Freshwater

LINE: Floating

TAPER: Weight Forward

LENGTH: 100ft

CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament

SPECIES: Trout / Steelhead / Salmon / Bass


Streamer Breakdown

Whether you are casting from the bank or boat, our Streamer fly line excels in all streamer situations. This line features an aggressive head design with a short 16 ft. body that loads quickly and shoots large fly’s with minimal false casts. The 3 ft. front taper effortlessly turns over big weighted streamers.

We built this fly line a full line size heavy to properly load fast, modern action rods. A floating head allows for complete control when banging banks, working heavy streamers, and mousing at night. Our signature Shooting Technology decreases friction within the guides for a slick shooting feel throughout its entire life span.



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