cortland CORTLAND Streamer Sink Tip-10 Type-3 Fly Line
cortland CORTLAND Streamer Sink Tip-10  Type-3 Fly Line

CORTLAND Streamer Sink Tip-10 Type-3 Fly Line

Item #: FJ009

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CORTLAND STREAMER SINK TIP-10 T3 FLY LINE – Designed for targeting trout in shallow creeks and rivers. Built with an aggressive short taper design that features a 10ft Type 3 sink tip (3-4 inches per second). The over-weighted head loads rods quick and easily casts all streamer patterns. WF5F/S thru WF8F/S.

- 10ft Type 3 Sink tip

- Easily Casts Large Flies

- Floating Running Line

WATER: Freshwater

LINE: Floating / Sinking

TAPER: Weight Forward

LENGTH: 100ft

CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament

SPECIES: Trout / Steelhead / Salmon / Bass

COLOR: Brown / Light Gray

Streamer Sink Tip 10 T3 Breakdown

The Streamer Sink Tip 10 T3 was designed to present unweighted and weighted streamers in the middle water column. This unique sink tip fly line features an aggressive head design with a short 16 ft. body that loads quickly and shoots large fly’s with minimal false casts. The 10 ft. type 3 (3-4 IPS) sink tip utilizes our Sink Tip Technology to keep your fly at a consistent depth during your retrieve.

Cortland built this fly line a full line size heavy to properly load fast, modern action rods. A 10 ft. sink tip integrated into the head of this fly line allows for complete versatility when banging banks, working heavy currents, and fishing bigger water. Our signature Shooting Technology decreases friction within the guides for a slick shooting feel throughout its entire life span.



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