flymen fishing company FLYMEN Edition Fly Tester
flymen fishing company FLYMEN Edition Fly Tester

FLYMEN Edition Fly Tester

Item #: FT100

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FLYMEN FLY TESTER - The Essential Tool For Every Fly Tyer’s Table. Design Better Flies & Take your fly development process to the next level with the complete out of the box solution for fly testing and demonstration. The Fly Tester creates a steady circular flow of water with adjustable flow control, allowing you swim up to 3 flies in 2 directions at once – from streamer flies, to foam flies, to nymphs and emergers.

• Observe the swimming action of your flies immediately after tying

• Improve your fly designs and have confidence they will perform as intended when fished

• Share your fly patterns swimming on video with the fly tying community online

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NEW 2020 Fly Tester Improvements

• Portability and protection – The 2020 Fly Tester comes in a stylish carry case with a protective foam interior, and at a third of the size and weight of the original 2014 model, the NEW Fly Tester is highly portable

• Easy to clean – The Fly Tester’s new removable streamer fly testing tube makes it a breeze to keep your Fly Tester crystal clear

• 2X more affordable – Compared to the original Fly Tester at $285.00, the new Fly Tester is$139.95

Included: Everything You Need

• Fly Tester protective carrying case

• High-quality lightweight acrylic test tank with innovative bidirectional flow design

• Removable streamer fly testing tube

• Tippet guide, clamps, and wire wand

• Powerful water pump with adjustable flow control

• Operating instructions

• 1-year limited warranty


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