Rio RIO Pike/Musky Leader
Rio RIO Pike/Musky Leader

RIO Pike/Musky Leader

Item #: GF062

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$10.99 $ 10.99
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Pike/Musky 7.5ft 20lb Class/20lb Knottable Wire $10.99
Pike/Musky 7.5ft 30lb Class/30lb Knottable Wire $10.99
Pike/Musky Magnum 4.5ft 30lb Class/40lb Knottable Wire $10.99
Pike/Musky Stealth 6ft 30lb Class/60lb Fluorocarbon $10.99
Pike/Musky Stealth 6ft 30lb Class/80lb Fluorocarbon $10.99


RIO PIKE/MUSKY LEADER - An ultra-stiff nylon leader attached to a tough, bite resistant knottable wire shock tippet or stealthy fluoro configuration that is ideal for Pike, Musky and similar toothy species. FIVE OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM: PIKE/MUSKY 7.5’ with 20lb Class Tippet/20lb knottable wire, or 7.5’ with 30lb Class Tippet/30lb knottable wire, both with a twist clip tied to the end for easy and quick rigging. The PIKE/MUSKY MAGNUM is a 4.5’ with 30lb Class Tippet and 40lb knottable wire with a twist clip tied to the end. The PIKE/MUSKY STEALTH is a 6’ leader with 30lb Class Tippet, offered in either 60lb or 80lb fluorocarbon (no wire) for stealthy presentations to pressured fish (no twist clip on these).


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