Rio RIO Medium 10' Versileader
Rio RIO Medium 10' Versileader

RIO Medium 10' Versileader

Item #: GF065

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$15.99 $ 15.99
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Clear Floating $15.99
Clear Intermediate Sink (1.5ips) $15.99
Medium Sink (4ips) $15.99
Fast Sink (6ips) $15.99


RIO MEDIUM 10’ VERSILEADER with 20-lb Extender. SPECIFY SINK: (1)Slow-Sink 1.5-ips (2)Fast-Sink 4-ips, (3Super-Fast-Sink 6-ips.

NEVER BE WITHOUT ONE (or more). Quickly convert your floating line into a deadly SINK-TIP fly line. Built-in loop for fat connection to the end of your fly line. Then tie a perfection loop in the end of the mono extender (or ask us to do it for you). Next, tie on 3-4 feet of tippet. Then tie on a size-12 F-C Crackleback, bugger or any streamer pattern. Toss it across the stream and skip it deep, down and across the stream. These are equally effective in both fresh and saltwater… Bob


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