GULFF UV Color Resin
GULFF UV Color Resin

GULFF UV Color Resin

Item #: GR108

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GULFF UV RESIN - COLOR RESINS - Create beautiful natural looking flies. Olive green for larvaes, brown for nymphs, red for worms, light pink for shrimp/scuds and black for ants, backs and heads. Brighter colors for streamer heads, bodies, hot spots, etc. For best results, remove cap and mix with a small stick prior to application. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)White, (3)Dirty-Motor-Oil. (4)Amber. 15ml

GULFF UV RESINS from Finland are always 100% tack-free. Made with high quality resin material which cures in a few seconds with a UV light or sunlight. Check them out on Instagram for creative inspiration!


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