GULFF Predator UV Resins
GULFF Predator UV Resins

GULFF Predator UV Resins

Item #: GR112

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$15.95 $ 15.95
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Big-Mama/Red-Glitter $15.95
Grand-Daddy/Silver-Glitter $15.95
Big-Daddy/Golden-Glitter $15.95


GULFF PREDATOR UV RESINS 100% TACK-FREE - The glittering resin is intended to mimic the scales of prey fish and is suitable for both fresh and salt water. Mixtures made of different glitters are attractive and work especially well in sunlight or moonlight. For this product in particular, GULFF recommends the use of their Ambulance series UV resins. For example, a silver fly with a bright red fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark impact point is a guaranteed, bombproof version. But you can also mix it with their more subtle colors for a great look. COLORS: (1)Big-Mama/Red-Glitter, (2)Grand-Daddy/Silver-Glitter, (3)Big-Daddy/Golden-Glitter. $15.95/15ml


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