Greys GREYS GR80 Streamflex Fly Rod
Greys GREYS GR80 Streamflex Fly Rod

GREYS GR80 Streamflex Fly Rod

Item #: GY100

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$325.95 - $395.95 325.95 395.95
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663-4 (6ft 6in 3wt) $325.95
703-4 (7ft 3wt) $325.95
903-4 (9ft 3wt) $375.95
963-4 PLUS (9ft 6in 3wt with 6" extension) $395.95
1003-4 PLUS (10ft 3wt with 6" extension) $395.95
1003-4 (10ft 3wt) $395.95
1103-4 (11ft 3wt) $395.95
764-4 (7ft 6in 4wt_ $345.95
804-4 (8ft 4wt) $345.95
904-4 (9ft 4wt) $375.95
964-4 PLUS (9ft 6in 4wt with 6" extension) $395.95
1004-4 (10ft 4wt) $395.95
1104-4 (11ft 4wt) $395.95
865-4 (8ft 6in 5wt) $325.95
905-4 (9ft 5wt) $375.95
1005-4 (10ft 5wt) $395.95
906-4 (9ft 6wt) $375.95


UPDATED! GREYS GR80 STREAMFLEX FLY RODS – The legendary Streamflex series has been improved with enhanced smoothness and in-hand balance, totally redesigned tapers, and constructed with Powerlux 1000 high modulus graphite composite. 9-foot and shorter rods feature progressive middle to tip actions that are smooth casting with wonderful line mending qualities. The 9 1/2 to 11-foot models are first-in-USA updated tapers to reflect the evolution of euro nymphing across the pond. The PLUS models feature a 6-inch rod extension that is hidden in the butt of the rod, unscrew the fighting-butt to access it. This piece will fit between the butt section and second section of the rod adding 6-inches to the overall length, very clever! Alignment marks, first-class components, including AAA cork grips, and partitioned rod tube included. Lifetime warranty.


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