HIGH N DRY Floatant & Desiccant
HIGH N DRY Floatant & Desiccant

HIGH N DRY Floatant & Desiccant

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HIGH N DRY POWDERED FLOATANT & DESICCANT - Designed with special and unique materials, and complements High N Dry Gel, Liquid, and Liquid Spray Floatants. Eventually your flies will become water logged, or, with luck, fish-slimed and need to be revived. This product is terrific for those fly fishers that prefer a shake and dry floatant from the onset, but it can also be used to revive that drowned fly out on the water prior to a reapplication of Gel, Liquid, or Liquid Spray Floatants. It contains no organic solvents, is 100% solids, and is environmentally friendly. Delivered in a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottle with a Flip Top Cap allowing the fly fisher minimum distraction when applying. The wide opening allows even the largest bugs to be dropped into the container. All desiccants have a shelf life, therefore included is a pressure sealed lid to prevent moisture from being absorbed into the desiccant prior to purchase. Additionally, there are blue indicator crystals. These crystals will turn red when the desiccant component has absorbed its maximum moisture and will no longer dry your flies. A full 30 grams of pure desiccant and floatant is provided in a 2.5 oz. container.

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