HIGH N DRY Liquid Spray Floatant
HIGH N DRY Liquid Spray Floatant

HIGH N DRY Liquid Spray Floatant

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HIGH N DRY LIQUID SPRAY FLOATANT - Made of the same special and unique materials as their award-winning Liquid Floatant, but in a convenient spray bottle. This method of application is simple, easy, and fast and allows the sprayed areas of the fly to be completely covered with a barrier that keeps moisture out. It works well on flies tied in all types of materials (including CDC). It contains no organic solvents, is 100% solids, and is environmentally friendly. Just hold the fly by the hook, about an inch away from the spray nozzle, and squeeze. The floatant is delivered in a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bottle with spray cap, making it easy and convenient to apply the floatant. A full 30 grams of pure desiccant and floatant is provided in a 2.5 oz. container.


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