TROUT SCOUT Strike Indicators
TROUT SCOUT Strike Indicators

TROUT SCOUT Strike Indicators

Item #: HD915

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$9.99 $ 9.99
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Froth White (Hazy Clear) $9.99
Snow White $9.99
Sky Blue $9.99
Mayfly Green $9.99
Glo Yellow $9.99
Blaze Orange $9.99
Burnt Red $9.99
Hi Vis Assortment $9.99
Canyon Tan $9.99
Haze Grey $9.99
Thicket Green $9.99
Stealth Assortment $9.99


TROUT SCOUT STRIKE INDICATORS – These are great (Bob). Pop open with a squeeze, place leader/tippet against hinge and snap back together. More Aerodynamic in casting, No Kink in the line, Easy on/off & easy to move. Best of all – flawless Directionality. Attach the TS Indicator with long end facing flies. It shows even the slightest strikes, and points to where your flies are in that perfect drift at all times. How-To video at Made in USA. HI-VIS COLORS: (1)Froth-White(Hazy-Clear), (2)Snow-White, (3)Sky-Blue, (4)Mayfly-Green, (5)Glo-Yellow, (6)Blaze-Orange, (7)Burnt-Red, (8)Hi-Vis Assortment, STEATH COLORS: (9)Canyon-Tan, (10)Haze-Grey, (11)Thicket-Green , (12)Stealth-Assortment. 5-pak

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