airlock AIR LOCK Centerlock Adjustable Indicators
airlock AIR LOCK Centerlock Adjustable Indicators

AIR LOCK Centerlock Adjustable Indicators

Item #: HD958

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1/2 Inch - Mixed Colors $8.99
3/4 Inch - Mixed Colors $8.99
1 Inch - Mixed Colors $8.99


AIRLOCK CENTERLOCK ADJUSTABLE INDICATORS - THESE ECO-FRIENDLY (BIODEGRADABLE) These eco-friendly (biodegradable) center-axis style indicators feature a textured surface that makes them easier to grip than smooth indicators. Two different channels run through the center of the sphere, a shallow channel for using as a FIXED POSITION INDICATOR, and a deeper channel that lets the indicator move freely for use as a SLIP INDICATOR. Simply lay the tippet/leader into either of the inner groove and screw shut. The indicator is perfectly centered for balanced casting and will not kink the line. Interchange tops to create two-tone indicators if you like. 3-PAK includes one each of White, Fl-Yellow and Fl-Orange. SIZES: 1/2”, 3/4” or 1”.


• Shallow screw channel for adjustable fixed positioning.

• Deep screw channel for free-sliding between stops or for break-away rigging (Slip Indicator).

• Patented O-ring insert design

• Tapered clamping surfaces for maximum hold on even very fine leaders.

• Textured outer surfaces for grip and easy identification of half to rotate.

• Razor cut line retention slits prevent line from twisting while tightening.

• All parts manufactured with eco-friendly materials.


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