simms SIMMS Pro Nipper
simms SIMMS Pro Nipper

SIMMS Pro Nipper

Item #: HF981

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SIMMS PRO NIPPER - The award-winning Pro Nipper from Simms is one of the coolest, and most essential tools that we all use for a day of fishing. Simms took and poured gasoline over the flame with a great new features; A set of magnets and a built-n groove for holding the fly and threading tippet thru the eyes of those small size 18’s- 22’s flies. It also uses a magnet to create negative resistance that replaces the traditional “spring” for opening and closing the jaws – eliminating a potential issue of failure for years of worry-free snipping. Built-in eye cleaner. Fully anodized aluminum construction round out this impressive addition to your wading tool collection. COLORS: (1)Simms-Orange, (2)Pacific.


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