LID RIG Magnetic Nippers
LID RIG Magnetic Nippers

LID RIG Magnetic Nippers

Item #: HF982

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LID RIG MAGNETIC NIPPERS - Designed to clip easily to your hat, waders, vest, pack, or just about anywhere. Strong and sharp enough thick backing and braided line, all the way down to fine tippet material. The last set of nippers you’ll ever need.

• No springs to wear out or rust! The innovative reverse magnetic design gives you a spring-loaded nipping action without any actual springs.

• No more dull nipper blades! The magnetic clip comes with a diamond-coated sharpening tool. Easily keeps your nippers razor sharp for fast, clean cuts. Complete with a built-in bottle opener and hook sharpening grove.

• Built-in hook eyelet poker is easy to access with all different fly sizes, yey safely recessed into the side of the nippers.

• Also comes with a lanyard attachment if you’d prefer to hang them from a zinger or neck lanyard.


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