umpqua UMPQUA UPG Payload Fly Box
umpqua UMPQUA UPG Payload Fly Box

UMPQUA UPG Payload Fly Box

Item #: HG753

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$59.99 $ 59.99
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Saltwater (aqua) $59.99
Freshwater (olive) $59.99


UMPQUA UPG LT PAYLOAD BOAT BOX – Serious box for serious storage. This high-capacity SALTWATER BOX will easily hold the largest baitfish down to the smallest flats flies, the FRESHWATER BOX will hold your biggest streamers, down to any standard dries and nymphs. Both boxes feature a “high” side and a “standard” side for the appropriate head room. See-through lid allows for easy fly ID and magnetic lid and swing leaf closures provide easy access. Great boxes for the boat, or as back-up storage to your smaller boxes. 12” x 7” x 2.5”. SPECIFY: (A)SALTWATER (Aqua), (B)FRESHWATER(Olive).


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