fishpond TACKY Big Bug Fly Box
fishpond TACKY Big Bug Fly Box

TACKY Big Bug Fly Box

Item #: HG894

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TACKY BIG BUG FLY BOX - The Big Bug Box has the same footprint as The Original but is 1.5 X the depth, making it perfect for streamers, big dries, saltwater flats flies, etc. The mat has a designed specifically to securely hold larger flies with hook sizes up to 2/0. 7"L x 3.75"W x 1.25"D and holds up to 144 flies.


Our bestselling fly boxes have been updated both cosmetically and with new models. These are great (Bob). Tough, sleek recycled polycarbonate box with a clear top (single sided), a magnet closure system and a patented "micro-slit" silicone rubber insert. This silicone insert has little to no memory (unlike foam inserts) so it won't wear out or become stretched over time. Flies are held securely in place for the lifetime of the box as "slots" heal themselves as soon as fly is pulled out. Fast and easy to load. Constructed of polycarbonate-the plastic used in the lenses of most sunglasses-because it's extremely durable and shatter resistant. Ideal size for vest pocket or pack.


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