fulling mill FULLING MILL Stealth Fly Box
fulling mill FULLING MILL Stealth Fly Box

FULLING MILL Stealth Fly Box

Item #: HG903

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FULLING MILL STEALTH FLY BOX - With room for 304 neatly placed flies, the stealth box packs quite a punch and at about ½” thick stores easily in pockets and packs. Lightweight polycarbonate fly box, hard-wearing and more resistant to drops. Guide ridges on the outer edges to help you keep a firm grip on things. Features a sleek, premium looking frosted lid so you can see your fly inventory. Inside is a one-sided high density, 4mm slit foam. Ideal for flies sizes 10-18. Lid closes using powerful neodymium magnets situated in the front corners. Dimensions: 7.25” X 4.25” X .5”. Made in England.


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