Wynd Bynder Fly Box
Wynd Bynder Fly Box

Wynd Bynder Fly Box

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Keep your flies & rigs organized & ready for any presentation

WYND BYNDER is a dropper rig fly box that is designed simply but is packed with features and functions. This fly box solves a problem that has existed for quite some time now, that is the storage and securing dropper rigs in a safe and protective manner. The modular center Rig Card allows for easy wynding and securing of flies that are rigged with tippet. Rig Cards are easily interchanged in a few seconds so you can pre-rig multiple Cards. Now a fly angler has a box to pack full of flies along with dry droppers and double nymph rigs that will be protected and secured. Effortlessly swap out and store multiple fly rigs as fishing conditions change or you break off....ugh. This system puts you only one knot away from getting back in the water. Tangle-free is the way to be! Stores 176-flies and 9-dropper rig setups. Latches open and closed, super lightweight.

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