nebo NEBO Slim Mini Pocket Light
nebo NEBO Slim Mini Pocket Light

NEBO Slim Mini Pocket Light

Item #: HP938

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NEBO SLIM MINI POCKET LIGHT puts super bright light anywhere you need it (up to 250 powerful lumens). Operates as a standard flash/spotlight (up to 220-feet) to get you safely back to your car after fishing until dark, then use the convenient, powerful, built-in magnet on the end to attach it to your vehicle while changing out of waders and stowing your gear. Wide, built-in carry clip attaches to a belt, suspenders, pack or pocket for secure carry. So slim and lightweight that you won’t know it’s there until needed. Durable, water-resistant anodized aluminum construction, approx. 4” x 1”body with 1/4” slim profile. 2 light modes: HIGH puts out 250-lumens with a max 2 hour run time, LOW puts out 25-lumens with a max 10 hour run time. Rechargeable internal lithium battery. Charges via USB cable (included), LED light indicator is Red when charging, Blue when fully charged.

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