SKEETER HAWK Mosquito Wristband
SKEETER HAWK Mosquito Wristband

SKEETER HAWK Mosquito Wristband

Item #: HP941

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SKEETER HAWK MOSQUITO WRISTBAND - Introducing the first all-natural, full-line defense against mosquitoes. Combining safe ingredients with powerful elimination technology, SKEETER HAWK protects you and your family from flying insects AND the harmful chemicals used to fight them. Keep mosquitos away, even on the go. Durable, reusable Velcro closure system for custom fit. Features a replaceable repellent tabs comprised of proprietary essential oils proven to naturally repel mosquitoes and other flying insects. Each Repellant Tab lasts 30 days and can be easily replaced. This set includes the MOSQUITO WRIST BAND and 2-REPELLANT TABS. Unopened Repellant Tabs have a 36-month shelf life. Extra Tabs sold separately (see item HP942).


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