O'PROS Belt Clip Rod Holder
O'PROS Belt Clip Rod Holder

O'PROS Belt Clip Rod Holder

Item #: HP946

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O’ PROS BELT CLIP ROD HOLDER - The perfect tool to give you an extra hand when you need it most. Easily attaches to any 1-2 inch wading belt or pack strap, and will securely hold any standard cork handle. Just push the cork handle into the holder. There is an elastic cord lock for extra security when carrying a second rod. ADJUSTS 360-DEGREES and locks in place or unlocks with a simple push of the tab, so you can tilt the Rod Holder to any angle to hold your rod in any position. The back mounting plate can be removed with a single screw if you wish to add a GoPro Camera Quick Release Mount (GoPro accessories not included). This enables you to adapt and integrate your Rod Holder to any of the GoPro Camera Mounts out there for a myriad of attachment options from suction cups for car rigging, plus boat, kayak, raft, or where ever else its needed. Made in USA from recycled plastics.

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