FISKNAT "Float Tube" Carbon Fiber Landing Net

FISKNAT "Float Tube" Carbon Fiber Landing Net

Item #: HT059

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FISKNAT “FLOAT TUBE” CARBON FIBER LANDING NET - Made with a mixture of carbon fibers and fiberglass making them extremely lightweight and durable. Waterproof, UV protected, and float like a cork. The lightweight, CLEAR RUBBER NET BAGS disappear in the water and will not spook fish. The rubber net bag gently cradles the fish causing less harm than a nylon bag. Rubberized handle for the greatest grip, even when wet. As an added advantage, HOOKS DO NOT STICK in the rubber netting! Weighs approximately 13.4 ounces including the bag. Overall: 30", Bow: 10.5" x 18", Handle: 12"


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