HARDY Ultralite Freshwater Series Fly Rods
HARDY Ultralite Freshwater Series Fly Rods

HARDY Ultralite Freshwater Series Fly Rods

Item #: HY118

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$895.00 $ 895.00
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380-4 (8ft 3wt) $895.00
480-4 (8ft 4wt) $895.00
486-4 (8ft 6in 4wt) $895.00
490-4 (9ft 4wt) $895.00
4100-4 (10ft 4wt) $895.00
586-4 (8ft 6in 5wt) $895.00
590-4 (9ft 5wt) $895.00
5100-4 (10ft 5wt) $895.00
690-4 (9ft 6wt) $895.00
696-4 (9ft 6in 6wt) $895.00
6100-4 (10ft 6wt) $895.00
790-4 (9ft 7wt) $895.00
796-4 (9ft 6in 7wt) $895.00
7100-4 (10ft 7wt) $895.00
896-4 (9ft 6in 8wt) $895.00
8100-4 (10ft 8wt) $895.00


HARDY ULTRALITE FRESHWATER FLY ROD SERIES - This is the next generation Higher modulus Sintrix rod replacing the very popular Hardy Zephrus FWS Series. Features upgrades in material, componentry, aesthetics, and of course, PERFORMANCE. The actions are still a sweet med-fast, but are a bit quicker than the Zephrus. Incredibly lightweight in hand and also in swing weight, with no sacrifice in power or accuracy. Blanks utilize Hardy’s newest SINTRIX NSX material that is stronger, lighter weight, more responsive and provides greater feedback and “feel” to the angler. Fitted with ultra-lightweight and indestructible REC Ceramic Lined Titanium Recoil Guides and black-pearl Titanium Single-Foot Guides. Lightweight reel seats have an attractive Burl-Wood/Carbon Fiber insert, and line weight engraving in the hardware. Rod sock and aluminum tube included. Unconditional Lifetime warranty with service fee.


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