hardy HARDY Lightweight Fly Reels
hardy HARDY Lightweight Fly Reels

HARDY Lightweight Fly Reels

Item #: HY121

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$180.00 - $529.00 180.00 529.00
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Flyweight Reel $499.00
Featherweight Reel $499.00
LRH Reel $499.00
Princess Reel $499.00
Flyweight X-Spool $180.00
Featherweight X-Spool $190.00
LRH X-Spool $190.00
Princess X-Spool $195.00
St. Aidan Reel $529.00
St. Aidan X-Spool $200.00


HARDY LIGHTWEIGHT FLY REEL SERIES - The Lightweight series of fly reels has stood the test of time on Trout and Salmon rivers worldwide for over 80 years.One of the most iconic reels of all time, at home on a classic bamboo rod or modern graphite. The click-check drag is silky smooth and the sound will make your heart pound with running fish. Fully machined from T6061 bar stock aluminum and anodized, with stainless steel and brass fittings. Quick change spools. Easy left/right hand conversion. Proudly made in its original birth place, Alnwick, England. Lifetime Warranty.


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