flymen fishing company SURFACE SEDUCER Howitzer Articulated Baitfish Poppers
flymen fishing company SURFACE SEDUCER Howitzer Articulated Baitfish Poppers

SURFACE SEDUCER Howitzer Articulated Baitfish Poppers

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SURFACE SEADUCER HOWITZER ARTICULATED BAITFISH POPPERS - Attract fish with the powerful pops and lifelike swimming action of this wounded baitfish imitation. Offer predatory fish a vulnerable, easy meal. Designed to imitate a baitfish sipping at the surface with its body dangling down in the water. Ideal for both predatory freshwater and saltwater fish species that feed on the surface, such as smallmouth, largemouth, stripers, redfish, snook, and more. The "soft-bite" closed-foam head coated with flexible epoxy will not crack or break, extending the life of your fly. The saltwater hook makes it suitable for all fishing environments. Size is 2/0. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Yellow-Chartreuse.

SURFACE SEDUCER “SOFT BITE” POPPERS – Say goodbye to fragile poppers with hard epoxy finishes and hello to indestructible "soft-bite" poppers with a flexible epoxy coating that can take strike after strike without breaking or cracking. The popper heads are made of durable soft EVA closed-cell foam, they absorb the beating and will not absorb water. Simply put, these poppers are meant to catch fish over and over and over again. See the videos at of the poppers being struck by a hammer and run over by a truck! AMAZINGLY DURABLE!! Predatory fish beware…


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