Chocklett's Polar Game Changer
Chocklett's Polar Game Changer

Chocklett's Polar Game Changer

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CHOCKLETT’S POLAR GAME CHANGER – The Polar Changer is a highly articulated, impressionistic baitfish streamer used to target many freshwater and saltwater gamefish species. The fly is tied predominantly with “Polar Fiber” which is a sensitive, ultra-lightweight synthetic fiber that causes the fly to constantly “breathe” and undulate in the water. This “movement-without-movement” creates the impression of a live baitfish that is always moving, even between strips or when suspending in the water column. Upon entering the water, the synthetic Polar Fiber material absorbs water to quickly get the fly down into the strike zone with an enticing, natural swimming action, but immediately sheds the water with the first false cast making the fly surprisingly light and easy to cast.

The Polar Changer has a length of 5" (12.5cm). This 7-body-segment articulated fly is available in 6 different color variations giving you options for most fisheries and target species.

Natural Swimming Action The innovative use of special materials realistically mimics the spine and muscle of a baitfish to give it a unique, enticing swimming action.

Impressionistic Baitfish Profile Catch the eye of the fish you're targeting with this enticing pattern.

Versatile Size The Polar Changer's length of about 5" (12.5cm) makes it a great general purpose fly that can be used to target a wide variety of species in different fisheries.

Lightweight, synthetic materials Tied with the ultra-lightweight, synthetic Polar Fiber material that sheds water and has incredible natural movement, while keeping the fly light and easy to cast.

Durable The tying method and the high percentage of modern, synthetic materials used give you a tough, durable fly that should stand up to dozens of landed fish.


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