flymen Next Trout Changer - Hares Ear Variant
flymen Next Trout Changer - Hares Ear Variant

Next Trout Changer - Hares Ear Variant

Item #: JF883

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NEXT TROUT CHANGER – HARE EAR VARIANT - This miniature Game Changer-style fly is a highly articulated nymph, featuring four separate body segments that produce a lifelike, natural swimming action in the water. The Trout Changer's secret lies in its individual articulated body segments, meticulously designed to mimic the movements of real aquatic prey. This realistic motion proves irresistible to trout, significantly increasing your chances of a successful catch when compared to standard, motionless trout flies.

What sets the Trout Changer apart the ability to miniaturize the Game Changer-style fly down to the size of a traditional trout fly, only made possible by the ingenious articulated micro-size shanks developed by Flymen Fishing Company. Size #12 Kona CKK hook + Next Generation Micro Shanks (NGS)


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