FC Marabou Micro Jigs
FC Marabou Micro Jigs

FC Marabou Micro Jigs

Item #: JF950

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$2.29 $ 2.29
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Black 1/125oz $2.29
Black 1/50oz $2.29
Dk. Brown/Burnt Orange 1/125oz $2.29
Dk. Brown/Burnt Orange 1/50oz $2.29
Chartreuse 1/125oz $2.29
Chartreuse 1/50oz $2.29
Gray/White 1/125oz $2.29
Gray/White 1/50oz $2.29
Ginger 1/125oz $2.29
Ginger 1/50oz $2.29
Sculpin Olive/Peach 1/125oz $2.29
Sculpin Olive/Peach 1/50oz $2.29
Olive 1/125oz $2.29
Olive 1/50oz $2.29
Olive/Burnt Orange 1/125oz $2.29
Olive/Burnt Orange 1/50oz $2.29
White 1/125oz $2.29
White 1/50oz $2.29
Black/Yellow 1/125oz $2.29
Black/Yellow 1/150oz $2.29


FC Marabou Micro Jigs You asked and we listened. We tracked down a fantastic source for LEAD FREE marabou micro jigs. Offered for the first time in two sizes. The 1/125oz is tied on a #12 hook and the 1/50oz is tied on a #10 hook. These are tied with high quality marabou, painted with a high quality epoxy paint then clear coated making a chip resistant finish.

They are absolutely deadly on trout (warmwater species too!).

1)Black, (2)Dark. Brown/Burnt Orange, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Grey/White, (5)Ginger, (6)Scuplin Olive/Peach, (7)Olive, (8)Olive/Burnt Orange, (9)White, (10)Black/Yellow.

Sizes: 1/125oz(#12), 1/50oz(#10)


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