Tying And Fishing Deer Hair Flies
Tying And Fishing Deer Hair Flies

Tying And Fishing Deer Hair Flies

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TYING AND FISHING DEER HAIR FLIES – 50 Patterns For Trout, Bass And Other Species by Tim Jacobs. A complete guide to selecting, handling, and tying deer hair, with notes on using other hairs as well. Covers patterns for trout, bass, musky, and other species as well as important fishing techniques. Deer hair is one of the most versatile and universal fly tying materials, yet learning how to work with it effectively can be one of the most challenging aspects of fly tying. In this book, Jacobs covers techniques for deer hair as well as other hollow hairs for a wide variety of fly pattern styles, ranging from trout flies to bass flies and floating flies to subsurface offerings for fisheries across the United States.

The core of the book is comprised of many step-by-step tying tutorials covering not only key fly patterns and techniques but also tools and materials, parachutes and posted wings, working with biots, weed guards, and fundamental hair work such as spinning, flaring, stacking, shaping and trimming. In addition to techniques for patterns for moving and still water, the author includes a generous dose of fishing anecdotes featuring the patterns, imitation t6ips, and critical observation from his years of experience on the water. Full color, 8 1/2” x 11” format, 212 pages.


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