Fishing The Missouri Trout Parks
Fishing The Missouri Trout Parks

Fishing The Missouri Trout Parks

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FISHING THE MISSOURI TROUT PARKS by Jim Washabaugh. Your complete guide to fishing Missouri Trout Parks. Softbound, 9” x 6” format, 209-pages.

Anyone, expert or novice park angler, will find this book a thorough, easy to follow reference upon which to build their trout park success. Even better, the techniques one develops with Jim’s array of methods and tools will make you a better trout fisherman anywhere! Dave Murphy, Master Conservationist

Packed with the combined knowledge of trout park anglers from multiple generations, Jim has provided a true gem with his latest work. No matter your background or experience, there are nuggets of information that will guide you through a fantastic experience in any of Missouri’s premier trout parks. Pick up extra copies for your fishing buddies. They will thank you for it. Mark Van Patten, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee

I applaud Jim Washabaugh for sharing his passion, experience and expertise in his easy to read and understand manner, making all of us more knowledgeable and skilled anglers, no matter how long we have been enjoying Missouri’s Trout Parks! Scott Pauley, Missouri Outdoor Ambassador


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