lamson LAMSON Speedster S Large-Arbor Fly Reel
lamson LAMSON Speedster S Large-Arbor Fly Reel

LAMSON Speedster S Large-Arbor Fly Reel

Item #: LA120

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LAMSON SPEEDSTER S LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS - Lamson’s all new hot rod reel with the largest diameter and highest retrieve rate in any given line weight. The S series reels have redesigned spool architecture that maintains this high level of performance while reducing overall weight by 20%. Making a good thing better is what Lamson is about. The Speedster is a super-high retrieve rate reel with a narrower spool, inboard mounted handle and an outer diameter significantly larger than any of their current highest performing reels. The narrow spool prevents line barreling, the added circumference and inboard handle improve retrieve rate. Mate these features with the time tested smooth as silk, maintenance free Waterworks/ Lamson conical disk drag system, gorgeous updated styling and attention to detail and you have what the name implies: A hotrod of a reel. Fully machined and hard anodized Ember or Midnight. Lifetime Warranty.


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