lamson Lamson Hyperspeed Fly Reel
lamson Lamson Hyperspeed Fly Reel

Lamson Hyperspeed Fly Reel

Item #: LA127

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LAMSON HYPERSPEED M8 FLY REEL - Buckle up for the lightest and largest diameter Lamson reel to date. Reel designers at Lamson believe the performance benchmark for a fly reel is retrieve rate per ounce. There's no downside to high retrieve rate other than the extra weight. Imagine an 8 weight reel with the diameter of a 12 weight reel, envision gobbling up 14” of line per rotation. Now stop wondering and try to keep up with the Hyperspeed M8. Coming in at less than an ounce heavier than its Litespeed M8 counterpart, this radical design maximizes line pick up unlike any reel Lamson has ever dreamed up. Every inch of the frame and spool has been meticulously CNC machined with even material distribution along critical load paths utilizing space frame construction. Ensuring unrivaled strength, stability, and lightness despite its impressive size. Sporting a powerful, completely waterproof Cobalt hybrid drag system with indexing click drag knob. Find a new gear with this reel that's primed to keep pace with even the fastest fish you can find. For Rod Weights 7-9 with a backing capacity of 250yds of 20# Backing for a WF8 Line. Reel Weight: 6.7 oz. Diameter: 5-Inches. Color is Coastal. Made in the USA.

Made in the USA

The Largest 8wt Weight Arbor We Have Ever Designed

Lightest yet largest diameter Litespeed to date

Space frame construction – Exceptional Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Cobalt hybrid drag system

IPX8 certified waterproof drag

Indexing click drag knob


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