lamson LAMSON Purist Series Fly Rods
lamson LAMSON Purist Series Fly Rods

LAMSON Purist Series Fly Rods

Item #: LA200

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$449.99 $ 449.99
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389-2 (8ft 9in 3wt 2pc) 2.3-oz. $449.99
490-2 (9ft 4wt 2pc) 2.4-oz. $449.99
590-2 (9ft 5wt 2pc) 2.4-oz. $449.99


LAMSON PURIST SERIES FLY RODS - Purpose-built for technical fly fishing; for accuracy and finesse, for long leaders and small flies. From its 2 piece construction to the light and spare hardware specification, everything about Purist is focused on reducing upper section weight to enhance energy delivery, recovery, feedback, and feel. When it comes to action, it's all about the balance of power. The Purist blank is very progressive, with a supple tip that loads easily and short, a mid-section that maintains tracking and stability, and a solid butt section that stores and releases energy with perfect control. The Lamson proprietary LOCKDOWN reelseat prevents any reelseat movement. Purist was designed and tested, revised and fine-tuned and tested, and tested and tested (and tested) on some of the most exacting water on the planet.

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