lamson LAMSON Cobalt Series Saltwater Fly Rods
lamson LAMSON Cobalt Series Saltwater Fly Rods

LAMSON Cobalt Series Saltwater Fly Rods

Item #: LA202

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$449.99 - $499.99 449.99 499.99
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690-4 (9ft 6wt 4pc) 4-oz. $449.99
790-4 (9ft 7wt 4pc) 4.2-oz. $449.99
890-4 (9ft 8wt 4pc) 4.4-oz. $489.99
990-4 (9ft 9wt 4pc) 4.5-oz. $489.99
1090-4 (9ft 10wt 4pc) 4.7-oz. $499.99
1190-4 (9ft 11-wt 4-pc) 4.8-oz. $499.99
1290-4 (9ft 12wt 4pc) 4.9-oz. $499.99


LAMSON COBALT SERIES SALTWATER FLY RODS - “Hand cannon” might be a term that comes to mind when you’re on the flats with a Cobalt rod. Think of your fly as a projectile, your line a powder charge, that Permit sliding by at 70 feet as a silhouette. Aim and fire. Cobalt rods are built on a hyper-fast blank crafted to deliver blistering line speed and wind conquering loops, with enough flex in the tip and mid-section to allow you feel the action load but plenty of muscle down deep to pick up that 70 feet of line for a quick re-cast. They feature dialed hardware and proprietary Lockdown reel seat, Cobalt is Lamson’s next evolution in saltwater performance. Available in a full range of calibers.

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