fishpond FISHPOND Lost Trail Adjustable Wading Staff
fishpond FISHPOND Lost Trail Adjustable Wading Staff

FISHPOND Lost Trail Adjustable Wading Staff

Item #: LF012

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FISHPOND LOST TRAIL ADJUSTABLE WADING STAFF – Wade confidently through swift currents with this fully adjustable staff. Made from lightweight and durable aluminum tubing, it folds down into three pieces (16” folded length) for easy carry and storage. A locking button secures the folding sections open when pulled tight. An additional quick release locking mechanism in the handle adjusts the height of the staff from 42” up to 49”. The super-durable internal twisted-metal cord is coated in protective polytube. Lightweight cork and foam handle has an adjustable webbing strap with neoprene padding. Sturdy pouch is made from Thermoformed foam and ballistic nylon, compatible with any wading belt up to 2” wide, and has a D-ring for connecting a retractor (not included). Comes with a removable rubber tip.

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