g. loomis G. LOOMIS IMX-PRO Creek Fly Rod
g. loomis G. LOOMIS IMX-PRO Creek Fly Rod


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IMX-PRO C 279-4 (7ft 9in 2wt) $525.00
IMX-PRO 379-4 (7ft 9in 3wt) $525.00
IMX-PRO 479-4 (7ft 9in 4wt) $525.00


G. LOOMIS IMX-PRO CREEK FLY RODS - Small water. Big rewards. Now more than ever, anglers are searching for new opportunities to explore the path less traveled. Avoiding crowded waterways in search of solitude not only offers pause from the hectic pace of everyday life, it’s also an excellent way to find that happy, unpressured fish of a lifetime. For postwork solo missions or alpine weekend wanderings, IMX-PROc blanks blend a compact 7’9” length with a stable tip to create a moderate action that loads short and tracks true. Wrapped in a shorter sock and protective tube that’s equally at home lashed to a pack or stowed under bench seat in the truck, these tools are primed for big adventure whenever you are.

CONDUIT CORE TECHNOLOGY IMX-PRO is light in the right spots. Traditionally, as the blank diameter increased, so did the total amount of material. This was the only way to ensure strength and durability in the bottom half of the rod. Conduit Core technology replaces excess wraps of graphite with a proprietary material of similar strength that’s lighter in weight, balances better, and boosts energy transfer through the blank. This improves efficiency and reduces fatigue in fishing situations that require the animation of chunky flies, popping, chugging, mending, and other repetitive movements.

• High-modulus graphite construction

• Balanced swing weight + incredible durability

• Multi-Taper Design reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing unnecessary graphite material FEATURES

• Conduit Core Technology

• Chrome single-foot guides

• Chrome stripper guides

• Hook keeper

• Custom half wells premium grade cork grip

• Custom matte aluminum reel seat with weighted fighting butt

• Tube and cloth rod bag

• Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington


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