simms SIMMS G3 Guide Pant
simms SIMMS G3 Guide Pant

SIMMS G3 Guide Pant

Item #: LS215

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$599.95 $ 599.95
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Small (28"-32" Waist/31"-32" Inseam/7-8 Bootie) $599.95
Small King (30-34/31-32/7-8) $599.95
Medium (32-36/33-34/9-11) $599.95
Medium Short (32-36/29-30/9-11) $599.95
Medium King (34-38/33-34/9-11) $599.95
Medium Long (32-36/35-36/9-11) $599.95
Large (36-40/33-34/9-11) $599.95
Large Short (36-40/31-32/9-11) $599.95
Large King (38-42/33-34/9-11) $599.95
Large Long (36-40/35-36/9-11) $599.95
X-Large (40-44/35-36/12-13) $599.95
X-Large King (42-46/35-36/12-13) $599.95
X-Large Long (40-44/35-36/12-13) $599.95
XX-Large (44-48/35-36/12-13) $599.95


SIMMS G3 GUIDE PANT – Perfect for those warm summer days when deep wading is unnecessary. Updated material lamination package with even more durable, breathable and comfortable Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer upper and 4- layer lower. Double snap closure with TIZIP waterproof fly zipper. Built-in low-profile belt loops with 2 in. stretch wading belt included. Waterproof-submersible handpocket with TRU Zip™ Zipper keeps critical gear and accessories protected. Patented front & back leg seams deliver articulated fit, improved mobility & increased durability. Patented abrasion-resistant built-in Gravel Guards. Anatomically engineered neoprene stockingfeet with antimicrobial finish. SIZED WAIST/INSEAM/SHOE: S(28-32/31-32/7-8), SK(30-34/31-32/7-8), M(32-36/33-34/9-11), MS(32-36/29-30/9-11), MK(34-38/33-34/9-11), ML(32-36/35-36/9-11), L(36-40/33-34/9-11), LS(36-40/31-32/9-11), LK(38-42/33-34/9-11), LL(36-40/35-36/9-11), XL(40-44/35-36/12-13), XLK(42-46/35-36/12-13), XLL(40-44/37-38/12-13), XXL(44-48/35-36/12-13).


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