simms 40% OFF! SIMMS Mid-Layer Top
simms 40% OFF! SIMMS Mid-Layer Top

40% OFF! SIMMS Mid-Layer Top

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SIMMS MIDLAYER TOP30% OFF Simms-Orange and Tumbleweed This piece is awesome as a stand-alone or for layering. I wear this shirt (or Patagonia’s R1 Pullover, our item PT220) to work all winter long over a T-shirt, and as a first or second layer on the stream (Bob). 1/4 zip down design with a zippered chest pocket, open bottom, and sun cuff for extra sun protection. COLORS: (1)Simms-Orange, (2)Tumbleweed, (3)Raven in SIZES: S(chest 36”-38”), M(39-41), L(42-45), XL(46-48), XXL(49-51), XXXL(52-54)


SIMMS FLEECE MID-LAYER COLLECTION is built with abrasion and oder resistant polyester fleece/5% spandex fabric. All items feature a grid fleece interior (provides warmth and air flow by grid/brick design), 285 gram weight. Tremendous value at price point, exceptionally warm and comfortable with minimal bulk.


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