simms SIMMS Bugstopper Pant
simms SIMMS Bugstopper Pant

SIMMS Bugstopper Pant

Item #: LX659

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$99.95 $ 99.95
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30" Waist/30" Inseam $99.95
32" Waist/31" Inseam $99.95
34" Waist/32" Inseam $99.95
36" Waist/32" Inseam $99.95
38" Waist/33" Inseam $99.95
40" Waist/33" Inseam $99.95


SIMMS BUGSTOPPER PANT –– Wherever there is water, there are sure to be bighting insects. It’s a given. Here’s the solution for your legs while also giving you UPF50 protection. 100% nylon for rugged durability, it’s water-shedding and odor resistant, has the adjustable “buffet’’ waist, articulated knees, a zippered thigh pocket, cell phone pocket, and LONG LASTING insect protection (up to 90 washings). 32” inseam for a versatile fit and classic looks. With all the problems we have with biting insects and the pathogens they carry, protect yourself with NO DEET or other topical applications, and keep damaging sun problems at bay in this versatile pant. Color is Steel. SIZED WAIST/INSEAM: 30/30, 32/31, 34/32, 36/32, 38/33, 40/33.


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