McLEAN Tri-Folding Telescoping Landing Net
McLEAN Tri-Folding Telescoping Landing Net

McLEAN Tri-Folding Telescoping Landing Net

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McLEAN ANGLING TRI-FOLDING TELOSCOPIC LANDING NET (MODEL R201) - This large Tri-Folding Telescopic net folds down into a compact 5” x 21 1/2” package when not in use (scabbard is optional). When drawn, the hinged net hoop deploys forward and automatically locks in place. To extend the net to a full 48”, push the button on the handle and secure the top of the net bag under your foot and pull the handle upwards until it locks in place. All of this happens very quickly with ONE HAND OPERATION so you never stop fighting the fish. The deep, fish friendly rubber net bags have a smaller “hole pattern” making it easy to control and release the fish. Built using LIGHTWEIGHT, thick wall anodized bronze aluminum tubing, these Telescoping nets come with a textured, non-slip polymer-rubber hand grip. Made in New Zealand.

See item MC107 for optional Carry Scabbard.


Retracted Length 21 1/2”, Max Length 48”, Net Bag Depth 24”, Triangular Net Hoop 20” wide in front x 16” front-middle to handle.

McLean Angling is a New Zealand company supplying fishermen throughout the world with innovative and high quality landing nets and accessories. McLean began making nets in 1987, when it invented the world’s first catch and release Weigh Net.

Since then its range of nets has expanded to include many different styles from small brook trout to large salmon.

Manufacturing is undertaken in New Zealand with a focus on innovation, quality, and accuracy. Using high grade materials, strict quality controls, and handmade components, McLean nets are tough and functional to ensure long lasting service for the beginner, experienced angler, or professional guide.


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