McLEAN Saltwater Measure & Weigh Landing Net
McLEAN Saltwater Measure & Weigh Landing Net

McLEAN Saltwater Measure & Weigh Landing Net

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McLEAN ANGLING SALTWATER MEASURE & WEIGH LANDING NET (MODEL R703) - Land, weigh and measure fish all with one tool. This robust net is designed to measure your success in the most convenient way – Weighing your catch without handling the fish. When not in use the calibrated weighing scale is neatly secured and concealed inside the handle. Calibrated scale weighs to 14-lbs. Handle is marked with a 26” scale to measure your catch. For longer fish simply mark the fish with your finger at the 26” spot, move the fish forward and add the two numbers. With the handle retracted the net stows away at 36” long x 18” wide, fully extended the net is 57” long. Built using thick wall saltwater safe anodized black aluminum tubing, and a textured, non-slip polymer-rubber hand grip. The deep, fish friendly rubber net bag makes it easy to control and release the fish. Made in New Zealand.


Full Length 57”, Retracted Length 36”, Net Bag Depth 27”, Hoop Size 21” x 18”.

McLean Angling is a New Zealand company supplying fishermen throughout the world with innovative and high quality landing nets and accessories. McLean began making nets in 1987, when it invented the world’s first catch and release Weigh Net.

Since then its range of nets has expanded to include many different styles from small brook trout to large salmon.

Manufacturing is undertaken in New Zealand with a focus on innovation, quality, and accuracy – McLean Weigh Nets are individually calibrated to guarantee accuracy to within 2oz/ 60g (small weigh), 8oz/220g (large weigh). Using high grade materials, strict quality controls, and handmade components, McLean nets are tough and functional to ensure long lasting service for the beginner, experienced angler, or professional guide.


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